Wondering what to wear in India? Whether to give money to beggars? How much you should tip? Real_India gives you all the information and advice you need on in our travel tips page. India is a country of ancient traditions and religious practices, weird happenings and confusing social mores. As a visitor, you are welcomed according to the Hindu philosophy of GUEST IS GOD, and tourists are allowed a lot of leeway. It’s always nice to show respect to the culture of your host and here we give you a few tips on how to negotiate the wonderful opera that is India.

The team at Kalka Travels believe in the power of information, we want you to have the holiday of your lifetime and perhaps return again and again to our Incredible India. So here we have prepared just enough information to help you travel with confidence and enjoy your holiday in India.

Cultural Hints and Etiquette

It’s always nice to have a little understanding of the cultural and social etiquette of the country you are visiting. The basic rule of watching what the locals do when you are unsure is best applied in India. Don’t worry, allowances are made for tourists but it just may help you feel a bit more comfortable with the following tips.

Haggling in India

Sometimes your driver may stop at shops unasked, they get a small commission for bringing customers to certain places. If you buy something at one of the shops you will inevitably end up paying around fifty percent extra. Kalka Travels and Delhi Car Rental, you will never experience this situation as the foundation of our company is to avoid all commission rackets.
When shopping in India there are a few things to be aware of.

Baksheesh Beggars And Tipping

Baksheesh is literally a sweetener, a reward for a small service or an appreciation, for a service performed or alms giving.

While a lot of guide books advise that you don’t give money to beggars, sometimes it’s just as comfortable to give them a rupee to keep them moving. Beggars have nothing else to sell you but their absence!

Shopping, What to Buy and Where

There is so much to buy in India that you will soon be wishing you had organised extra luggage allowance! From exotic silk sari to exotic handcrafted souvenirs, bustling bazaars and modern malls, you will find that most goods are very reasonably priced and if you find that you have bought too much, the postal service in India is very reliable allowing you to arrange for bulkier items to be sent home by mail or courier.


India is a nation of passionate foodies, every state and region will have its own speciality dishes and then there is a vast amount of street food to try and taste. If you are vegetarian then India is the right place for you, some of the very best food on offer is vegetarian and even confirmed meat eaters will enjoy the vast array of food on offer.